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Friday, March 27, 2015


Summer is here and we're gassin you up with your chance to win FREE Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasoline each week!  Starting June and running every week through August, KCRX 102.3 FM & MINI MART are giving you the chance to win hundreds of dollars in free gas!  

KCRX 102.3FM will be broadcasting live from various local business locations where you can join in on the fun and enter to win $10.00 gas cards every 10-minutes!  More information to follow.

Be sure to listen for your chance to win!

Tentative locations & dates for your chance to win:

  • ✓ 6/13 – Mini Mart, Astoria
  • ✓ 6/20 – Dairy Maid, Warrenton
  • ✓ 6/27 – Journey's End Espresso, Astoria
  • ✓ 7/5 – Beach Shack, Seaside
  • ✓ 7/11 – A&A Elegance, Warrenton
  • ✓ 7/18 – Mel's Heavenly Coffee, Warrenton
  • ✓ 7/25 – Uptown Cafe, Warrenton
  • ✓ 8/1 – Kick Ass Coffee, Astoria
  • ✓ 8/8 - Coffee Addiction, Warrenton
  • ✓ 8/15 – Mama Bear's Java Den – South Seaside (Herb's parking lot)
  • ✓ 8/22 – 3 Cups Coffee, Astoria
  • 8/29 – Mini Mart, Warrenton